Greece’s culture workers occupy ruins

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The protests rocking Greece have reached the cultural industries. Workers from Greece’s Ministry of Culture took over the Acropolis twice last month in protest over severe cuts to cultural funding. As part of the “austerity measures” being imposed on Greece as a result of recent economic turmoil, there have been deep cuts to the national cultural budget. More than 40 museums and ancient sites have been closed. The workers were demanding over a year’s worth of back pay and the creation of permanent jobs rather than contract work.

In other news from Athens, two of the largest labour unions in Greece ADEDY and GSEE, marched on Saturday to protest against planned pension system reform. About 2000 protesters braved heavy rains in front of the parliament building, holding banners and chanting slogans against the reform and other austerity measures the government has introduced to overcome the country’s debt crisis.

And yesterday, a crowd of 3,000 marched through Athens to demonstrate gay pride and protest against discrimination. “We’re everywhere” read one banner at the parade. The country approved civil unions in 2008, but the gay community has been seeking the approval of full gay marriages.

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