MP3 download: Dear Ocean commemorates those killed on Gaza flotilla

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Bird flies over Palestinian refugee camp

Peace. The Last Ten years have been hard to watch. Your violence is not necessary. We want the world to know that we come in peace to free a people. Those are real people on our televisions. We just want our people to be equal and free. The same free that ain’t free. Gaza we are with you.

After the world moved in opposition to the Israeli military attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla we offer this song, Dear Ocean, in remembrance of those killed on the Mavi Marmara and in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza facing the extreme edge of the Israeli apartheid. Today, we are offering this song to the world, please download and spread the word; however, we do also strongly encourage you to donate to the Free Gaza Movement. For donation information please visit:

Yassin Alsalman and Stefan Christoff

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Download Dear Ocean

Dear Ocean

Vocals — Yassin Alsalman (the Narcicyst)
Piano — Stefan Christoff

Dear Ocean,

Today I saw a mothers’ wail swim through you and the sound got lost in your waves.
Yesterday, I saw a boat sail to you and she was blocked on her way….
I asked you once why you were…, as we polluted you will crude Earth blood,
on a rude search, dug holes in you with machine bullets…or so the plug goes…
and when we felt the ravine pull us, they placed a wall in between us to you couldn’t stream fullest.


Do we not see what these oil spills are?
Earth is bleeding on to us.
How one child cannot see over the hill,
or climb peace because the peak is too close to the kill to speak love?
Democratic rights, or so to speak of…

Summits of my brothers in robes give me no hope.
My forefathers turn in their linen chefens, before we bore horror on our infant children…
In Gaza, the olive trees have begun talking so,
we now greet the rocks we throw.
Al Salamu Alaikum.
Alaikum il Haram oo dem shababna si3irna, gharam 3eedaykoom.

Thibni bil sama oo arja3lak tilqa, akhaleeq liqtat halaqat television gabil ma
tithroobak jalta….


Ultra high density sound bombs versus our songs.
We Roll with a flotilla of words that cannot be stopped…
As our decibels level and knock on your blockade
Screaming Palestine Is Real.

A Mass on international humanitarians is not Hamas.
Hamas is not an international humanitarian mass.
Don’t spin that in your cycle because the truth is a stain on your flags.
Hang yourselves with your ties.
Mix a little bit of blood in our wine.
Products that we buy in lines box us in a your crime.
Dollars Revolve around the numbers of our time.

Cameras, I see you.
You’ve damaged my people.
When the savage die we will be the rabid type.
Arab oo Yoohood.
How does an American soldier taunting an Arabic grown up
have less hits that a puppy thrown over a crack in our boulder
Makes me question our own love.

Where are we?
Think of our children, we are already dying.
What will be the next generation?
Or one trying to get free.

You will not stop us.
One day we will break this pattern, it is lessened in your math. but it was mentioned in the past.
Destined in the path.
You will crush your own fingers in your grasp.

I guess so. And so the test goes. Let Go. Let’s Grow.

Yassin Alsalman known as the Narcicyst is a celebrated hip-hop artist and writer.

Stefan Christoff is a Montreal-based musician, community organizer and journalist who is at

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