The future of poetry in Canada: Call for submissions

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The Torontoist’s Book Page and Vox Populism are looking for poets under 30 who have something to say about the future of poetry in Canada.

April is national poetry month in Canada (didn’t know that, did you – same in the US; see below for more details), and these folks want to create some public space for the up and coming. Submissions can be prose, poetry, specific, general, practical, fantastical, whatever – diversity and surprise are the goal. The selected writers will be featured, one a day for the month of April, on The Torontoist’s Book Page.

Despite its name, they are looking for submissions from across Canada. Get the word out! Teachers tell students. Friends tell friends. For more info contact: You can also get more info on National Poetry Month events across Canada from the Canadian League of Poets.

National Poetry Month was created in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. Canada got it going in 1999. The Brits do it in October. And the United Nations, bless their independent hearts, preferred March 21 for World Poetry Day, also created in 1999.

Now, there are those who rail against National Poetry Month as an unnecessary apology for poetry and for serving up bland verse for the masses – poet and critic Charles Bernstein, for example. So you might want to keep an eye out for the more difficult stuff in the margins – The Outlaw Poetry Network might be a place to look, or the Radical Poetry Site. In Canada, lemonhound is always a good bet.

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