Live Nude Girls banned in Sweden

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Live Nude Girls Unite!

A frank discussion on sex workers and labour rights appears to be too hot and heavy for the brass at Sweden’s Stockholm University.

The local chapter of Cinema Politica had plans to commemorate International Women’s Day with a screening of Live Nude Girls Unite!, a documentary on the creation of the first labour union for strippers in the United States.

Exotic dancers are regularly exploited by club owners, and the story of one woman’s quest to organize her fellow workers and fight back against the oppression of sex workers seemed like a perfect way to foster debate around the issues of empowerment and workers’ rights.

If university management has their way, however, no such discussion will take place. The administation has effectively banned the event, having canceled the student film group’s room booking and destroyed all of their promotional material.

Here’s an excerpt from a message sent out by the event organizers:

Our screening of the film and following discussion, as clearly stated in Cinema Politica’s charter, is to present ALTERNATIVE perspectives regarding pressing social, political and cultural issues. We strongly feel that Live Nude Girls Unite! will help us continue this tradition.

We are disturbed and appalled by this action, as it represents an inexcusable abuse of power, censorship and flagrant disregard of free speech by Stockholm University’s administration. Cinema Politica refuses to take this action lightly. We are forced to take action to continue our efforts to foster free and open debate.

Please show your support by attending Monday, as we WILL make this event happen. Tell all of your friends so we can make this the biggest screening in our young history.

We will not be censored, and we will not be stopped from celebrating International Women’s Day.

You can learn more about the banned film at

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