Friday Film Pick: Munich

0 Posted by - February 19, 2010 - Blog, Friday Film Pick, Screen

This week we’re going pretty mainstream, but it’s appropriate given that the world—well, at least those of us with the privilege do to so—is completely consumed with the Winter Olympics. Now, if you think the Vancouver games have been tough on the organizers, you need only look back one generation to find an Olympics that generated much more outrage, and far higher human toll.

Steven Spielberg’s Munich is a 2005 historical fiction film about Israel’s state-sponsored assassinations that followed the 1972 killing of Israeli Olympic athletes by the Black September militant group. The film was remarkable for its ability to generate a tremendous amount of controversy, with deeply divergent opinions on both the artists and political aspects of the flick.

Take quick glance over at Rotten Tomatoes and you’ll see the film derided as “disastrously inept” and full of “muddled liberal Zionist politics”, while simultaneously praised as a work of “deeply felt moral analysis” and an “even-handed cry for peace”.

So pop your popcorn, grab the film from most any rental shop, and be sure to come back when it’s over to let us know where you stand on the grand Munich debate.

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