Massive subculture and media party to coincide with Vancouver Olympics

0 Posted by - January 24, 2010 - Blog

Is the juggernaught of Olympics coming to town? Police clamping down on activists? Olympic security denying your reporters press clearance? Then the W2 Culture + Media House is the place for you.

Set across the street from the soon to be reopened Woodwards housing redevelopment in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, the folks at W2 have rented four floors in a building for a month-long cultural party and 24/7 service hub for the hundreds of local and international journalists and bloggers coming to Vancouver to cover the Olympics. This is the media centre for journalists who can’t get accredited by VANOC or the BC government.

The Culture + Media House will also host free cultural exhibitions, workshops and conferences during the day. At night, some of the space will be transformed into a performance and event venue to showcase Vancouver’s diverse culture scenes.

Highlights include African Dance Party, Bikes Inside, Hot One Inch Action, Abandon Normal Devices Conference (with Liverpool), visual arts exhibits, DJ parties, workshops, screenings, and the Feb 22 Fresh Media Olympics conference — altogether 40 events in 28 days.

This is going to be a great party and vital part of getting alternative information out during the Olympic Winter Games about how police and ramped up Olympic security are behaving towards activists and in one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods.

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