Public tragedy, corruption and the news: Sexy beton II opens in Montreal

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sexybetonIn Quebec, public works are complicated: everyone knows that the roads and bridges are falling apart, but the public tendering process has lost much of its credibility through repeated and unresolved allegations of widespread corruption and the involvement of organized crime. In 2007, five people died and another six were injured when structural flaws caused the Concorde overpass in Laval, Quebec to collapse. Sexy beton II takes on this public tragedy in search of public accountability and justice.

After the collapse, a public inquiry found that no none was to blame. The government classified the event as a “car accident”, which although bizarre allowed the government to pay out small sums to the injured and the families of those who died through the province’s no fault auto insurance. Soon after, the public lost interest and the story slowly faded from public consciousness.

Enter the Porte Parole documentary theater company. Porte Parole is a Montreal based group dedicated to retelling current events with humanity, humour and humility through theater and online platforms. Sexy beton II is the second installment of their exploration/presentation of the story of the Concorde overpass. The play retells the story not only of the collapse and public inquiry, but how the playright’s own efforts to understand what happened became part of the story through the victims’ search for answers and justice.

This is theater like it used to be: relevant, critical, important, necessary.

The play is billed as bilingual, but – in case you are linguistically challenged like myself – the last half of the play is mostly in French.

On until December 1 at the Segal Center.

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