Ralph Lauren photoshop disaster spawns lawsuit threats and fair use

0 Posted by - October 6, 2009 - Blog, Design
Another modelling industry lie

Another modelling industry lie

Having recently watched the documentary AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL (Darryl Roberts, 2008), a film that explores the shadiest, most morally bankrupt nooks and crannies of the modelling industry, I have to say I wasn’t totally shocked by the image at the left. Still, this photoshopped nightmare of a model whose body is too thin to hold her head up is such a powerful signifier for an industry propped up by lies and profit, it is utterly worth following Boing Boing’s advice, and circulating it widely.

The image first appeared on Xeni one month ago, and Boing Boing picked it up to bring more attention to the absurd levels this industry will go to to convince women that . But instead of cowing to Ralph Lauren’s legal team, Boing Boing and others are citing Fair Use and posting the image for the purpose of criticism and comment. So are we. It’s not often we get to see Ralph Lauren’s dirty laundry in such shiny, glossy, horrid detail.

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