CanWest continues anti-satire lawsuit despite looming bankruptcy

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CanWest, that venerable Canadian media giant, has recently admitted to creaking fiscal osteoporosis and looks ready to accept a government handout, despite years of slopping up good old neoliberal free market journalism across the country. Whether they fall gently (a.k.a. with a helping but “invisible” hand) or with a resounding thud remains to be seen, but I’m hedging a guess that hundreds of thousands of Canadians from coast to coast to coast will not miss an institution that so constantly ignored the liberal and progressive currents of society (not to mention the diversity and difference) and chose instead to reflect its own image – not that of the public it should have provided quality news to. (Or, alternately, I’m just bitter because they never printed one of my letters in 20 years of letter-writing. Hmm.)

And while we build campfires with old copies of The Montreal Gazette and The Vancouver Sun and keep warm in the cool shade of a downsized dinosaur who so consistently spun conservative, narrow-minded, and at times sexist and racist Fox-worthy vitriol (yes, yes, of course there have been the very odd exceptions to the case), we might want to remember that some of the resisters to this media dynasty are still being pursued and even sued.

This dispatch, along with the embedded video, is from one such resister – an artist who dared to use the ancient art of satire to expose the conservativism of The Vancouver Sun and in particular its seemingly unshakable loyalty to Israel:

Canwest’s Global War on Satire
On 6-7, evil-doing satirists spoofed one of Canwest Global’s shining towers of truth — the Vancouver Sun newspaper. Canwest, Canada’s largest media company, has launched a Global War on Satire to ensure that fun-damentalist fanatics don’t threaten its sacred freedom to monopolize media or mock its profound pro-Israel and neo-conservative bias.

Brave Canwest is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy but it will never abandon the War on Satire. The pernicious parodists will have to pull this SLAPP suit from Canwest’s cold dead head.

Find out more about Canwest’s anti-satire SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) at

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