Sexy béton play commemorates overpass collapse in Laval, Quebec

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Photo credit: Serge Clément

Photo credit: Serge Clément

Today is the 3rd anniversery of the Concorde collapse in Laval, Quebec, which killed five and injured six. Probably most people in the area have a memory of the bizarre images we saw on TV: an entire chunk of overpass fallen on to the road below. I was living in Edmonton at the time, planning my move to Montreal, and wondering what kind of mess I might be getting myself into.

Over two years after my move, I’ve found that much of this city’s infrastructure is indeed a bit of mess. But through my involvement in Porte Parole’s Sexy béton project, I’ve discovered something even more egregious. You might think justice was served for the victims of the overpass collapse – but nothing could be further from the truth.

Sexy béton is a documentary theatre production (in both French and English) based on first-hand interviews with the survivors of the collapse, as well as with those who had public responsibility to remedy – or be seen to remedy – the underlying causes of the tragedy. These people include Pierre Marc Johnson – who headed up the commission that investigated the collapse, as well as Michel Gagnon, president of Quebec’s engineers’ association. It is a surprisingly moving play (I say this as someone who had no hand in its creation) and the ensemble cast does a remarkable job of humanizing and dramatizing the story of the last three years.

If you live in the Montreal/Laval area, there are two chances left to see Sexy béton this week: tonight and tomorrow at the Segal Centre (5170 chemin de la Côte Ste Catherine). Call 514-739-7944. More show info here.

– Laurence Miall

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