The acoustic art of politics: Audioscaping the war on the poor

0 Posted by - July 15, 2009 - Blog, Performance, Sound

ultrareds_smFrom the audio labs of Ultra-Red comes the fourth and final volume in their Sounds of the War on the Poor series. Beginning in 2008, activists and artists were invited to create one-minute sound responses to the question: What is the sound of the war on the poor? The contributions include micro-documentaries, soundscapes, music interventions, interviews … all available for free download.

Ultra-red is an interesting crew. Positioning themselves as an artist collective who engage in the “fragile dynamic between audio art and political mobilizing”, ultra-red is pushing the boundaries between the aesthetic and the political in the realm of sound art.

Not content with making and distributing recordings with political implications, ultra-red also engages in political intervention in the course of their collaborative work. Some of their previous work includes: Soundtrax, their first public intervention created in collaboration with the Los Angeles clean needle exchange, Clean Needles Now; Secondnature: an investigation into queer public sex in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park; Survey the Future: reflections on the struggle of migrants in the context of, respectively, global capital and labor – to name just a few.

Sounds of the War on the Poor are part of their public record archives, which also includes series on AIDS, questions of global migration, and public housing. All recordings are available for free download.

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