CRTC to decide fate of the internet this week

0 Posted by - July 9, 2009 - Blog, Policy

neutral-bitsThis week in an unassuming room in Gatineau, Quebec the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission) is hearing from Canadians on the issue of net neutrality. Canada, unlike most other jurisdictions, has allowed the big ISP providers to “throttle” internet traffic through deep packet inspection which allows ISPs to single out some kinds of traffic for special treatment (in particular, peer-to-peer traffic for slowing down).

This is the policy round of the big fight over control of the internet and whether or not the network will remain neutral for everyone or mired in expensive tiered services that will ultimately give commercial interests technical advantages. 11

You can follow along on twitter – check out cippic‘s feed. Or listen in to a live stream being netcast from the hearings.

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