British Columbia re-elects right wing party despite video/film activism

0 Posted by - May 14, 2009 - Blog, Screen

BC for Sale from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

British Columbians woke up with a terrible hang-over today. After eight years of a provincial government lead by anti-environmentalist, profiteer and sexist Premier Gordon Campbell, his Liberal party was given a third four-year mandate. Propaganda, ignorance, laziness and apathy (helped along by a distracting Stanley Cup play-off stretch) defeated an important election reform referendum question that would not have allowed such an democratic atrocity as this one from happening again. The proportional representation system being proposed would prevent future ridiculous “victories” that the Liberals have just won this time: 23% of British Columbians voted in a government with 60% of the Legislative seats.

It is no secret that Campbell and his money-hungry Liberals hate the homeless (homelessness has risen 400% under his leadership) and the poor (child poverty is at record levels in the province) but environmental concerns barely registered in the very right wing CanWest media cartel in the province. Yet Campbell has been moving toward privatizing water, selling it to America under NAFTA, refuses to protect wild salmon and other wild life, is pushing forward off-shore drilling, and more. These concerns were eloquently represented in the above video by Twyla Roscovich of Calling from the Coast, which went viral perhaps too late to swing the 48% who voted to caring enough about the environment to vote Campbell out of office. Four years from now, we need 100,000 media interventions like this to go viral.

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