The politics of art: Vancouver Anthology relaunch this Friday

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242t1Art and politics gotogether gotogether gotogether.  There is, of course, art about politics.  And then there is the politics of art – the complicated ways of determining whose voices get heard, whose work gets seen, whose art is remembered, canonized, anthologized, memorized and institutionalized. Vancouver Anthology is a stimulating collection of essays by Canadian artists about the politics of and the politics in art.

First published in 1991, the collection is being re-issued in a second edition this Friday at the  Or Gallery in celebration of the gallery’s 25th anniversary. The collection is edited by Stan Douglas and includes contributions from Keith Wallace, Sarah Diamond, Nancy Shaw, Maria Insell, William Wood, Carol Williams, Robin Peck, Robert Linsley, Scott Watson and Marcia Crosby.

Get ‘em while they’re hot … see you at the launch.

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