Gritty graphic novel DMZ looks into America’s dark future

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Page illustration from the graphic novel DMZ

Page illustration from the graphic novel DMZ

I haven’t got my hands on a copy of this new graphic novel yet, so I thought I’d let the words of the predictably fired up independent investigative journalist Greg Palast suffice:

DMZ is New York in the future, and it looks uncomfortably too much like America today. There’s a phony war on terror, a hunt for illusory insurgents and troublemakers which becomes the trigger-point excuse for crushing the heaving, rising underclass.

Except here, in the comic, America’s culture war and class war has moved to its inevitable bloody conclusion: a corporate junta pretending to provide safety to war-torn New York while using high-tech military intelligence and scum-bag death squads to hold on to power.

In the center of the story is a half-assed but earnest journalist Matty Roth on the Lower East Side whose need to voice the story of the voiceless is at war with his reasonable cowardice. Tell me about it.

Reporter Roth is sent in to find and cover a charismatic street leader, Parco Delgado, who declares his candidacy with explosives. Is Delgado a greasy, piece-of-crap thug or a savior in a dirty T-shirt? What makes creators Wood and Burchielli such smart storytellers is that they don’t make the answer simple, but they don’t fail to give the answer. If the story sounds weird it’s because any story that’s real is weird….

DMZ is a brilliant news report from inside America’s skull dreaming into the future – when the “stimulus” has worn off and reality eats our young.

Palast wrote the introduction to the book. You can buy it through him (signed by Wood and Palast), or get it here.

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