Flooded McDonald’s flick flaunts fast food apocalypse

0 Posted by - February 9, 2009 - Blog, Screen

If only Noah’s Ark had room for Chicken McNuggets.

Flooded McDonald’s, the latest film by Dutch art collective Superflex, offers a glimpse into a vacant Mickey Dee’s as it slowly floods with water.

Trays weighed down with chunky burgers drift across the surface of the water before capsizing, while electronics provide the sizzle as they spark and short out. The realism is impressive, and the soundtrack is so calming it could lull me to sleep if it weren’t for the suspense brought on by watching the slow demise of a corporate behemoth.

Although the film provides the same sort of sugar fix for the anti-corporate crowd that McDonald’s does for fast food junkies, the message is more complex.

“Without being didactic, Flooded McDonald’s hints at the consumer-driven power and influence, but also impotence, of large multinationals in the face of climate change. Without apportioning blame, the film questions with whom ultimate responsibility lies.”

Flooded McDonald’s can be viewed at South London Gallery until March 1. For more context, check out the interview with Bjørnstjerne Christiansen at Don’t Panic.

Via We Make Money Not Art.

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