Sexy PETA veggie advert rejected for Super Bowl (anyone surprised?)

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Veggie Love by PETA

Veggie Love by PETA - Too much love for TV

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the US-based animal-rights organization that uses sex to sell its message, has brought on the booty yet again. In a PSA (Public Service Announcement) the organization submitted to NBC for broadcast during the Super Bowl, long-legged half-naked women are shown getting it on with a variety of vegetables, including the unlikely pumpkin. PETOW (People for the Ethical Treatment of Women) and VETOV (Vegeterians for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables) are reportedly “hitting the studio” to tape their inspired rebuttals.

That the advert was rejected by NBC for, and I’m quoting NBC here, scenes of women “screwing themselves with broccoli” is not surprising. At least not in the way the recent BBC rejection of a PSA for humanitarian aid to Gaza was surprising. What is surprising is just how tried and true this vein of animal rights activism has persisted in the US: sexualized/objectified women as sites of resistance to the unfairness humans exact on animals. Seems kind of circular…

So now the question is, is Art Threat promoting this form of advocacy by embedding the PSA video below, or are we merely providing a controversial political piece of artwork for our readers to examine so that they may draw their own conclusions? We’ll leave it up to you to mull it over with some KY and an eggplant…

‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

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