Free download of film on US media & the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Media Education Foundation (MEF) announced yesterday that in response to the incredibly uncritical response by Western media to Israel’s massacre of Gaza, they would release one of their feature documentaries on line for free. Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land is a detailed interrogation of the lens through which western cultures view conflict in the middle east.

This excellent, award-winning documentary reveals the ways in which western corporate media are complicit with American/Canadian government’s unyielding support for Israel and its illegal occupation and expansion of Palestinian land. Despite the international community’s condemnation of Israel’s current murderous hubris, and despite the world’s top law body, the International Court of Justice, ruling Israel’s post-1967 occupation and settlement expansion’s as being illegagl, western media continue to paint an uncritical view of Israel (again, with the exception of The Guardian).

Thankfully, media makers and artists have produced works that educate, inform and inspire on the topic. The MEF has taken this unprecedented move and released one of their features in full because, as they say:

While the film was made in 2003, its analysis of U.S. news coverage of the Middle East has never been more relevant or more urgent. The film traces a longstanding pattern of media bias in the U.S., providing much needed context for understanding American news coverage of events in Gaza now. The film has elicited widespread praise for its clear-eyed analysis of both the conflict and the often one-sided way it has been presented to Americans over the years.

As a result of the horrific events unfolding in Gaza, the Media Education Foundation is making its 2003 film Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land: U.S. Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict available online FOR FREE. We are taking this unprecedented step to offer critical perspective on how the U.S. news media are covering this crisis.

So go to the site and watch the film. While we know from history that education isn’t enough to stop wars, lies and propaganda help prop them up and keep populations from demanding their governments put a stop to bloodshed.

[Image: Israel’s60thBirthday].

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