Rumours swirling about massive cuts to CBC in January federal budget

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Rumours are swirling about a $200 million budget cut being proposed for the CBC.  A spokesperson for the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting said recently that a budget document had been leaked to Friends that outlined the plan.

$200 million represents 20% of the Parliamentary grant to the CBC.  The impact would be devastating.

Some observers have suggested the cuts are linked to a Conservative bid to secure support from the Canada’s commercial broadcasters who would be delighted to see significant cutbacks at the CBC.  Support from Canada’s major broadcasters, so the conjecture goes, would translate into favourable coverage in Stephen Harper’s fight to maintain control in Parliament, and to save his political career.

The CBC is the most important media network in Canada providing coverage for Canadian artists.

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For more info check out (from Vancouver’s Georgia Straight):

Media watchdog: Conservatives hope to cut CBC funding by $200 million

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