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Poking politics at Sarkozy

Poking politics at Sarkozy - the perfec gift

It’s holiday season for some of us and that can mean hyper-consumerism gone wild – we’re here to calm the beast. In keeping with blog fashion (see Boing Boing’s gift list) and in the spirit of our continued committment to and support of the (political) arts, here is my Holiday Wish List for 2008. All items have been created and/or released in the last year. Get ’em while they’re hot, and remember the best gift other than the one you don’t have to buy, is the gift of art. And of course I realize that there are many, many, far better things you can do with your money, such as donating to your favourite non-profit, or to Art Threat.

Here is the list in no particular order (really):

1. A Sarkozy Voodoo Doll pictured above (still waiting for the Harper doll)
2. Etana’s The Strong One
3. Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of American Empire (graphic novel)
4. A painting by George Littlechild
5. A political calendar for 2009, take your pick: Freedom for Political Prisoner’s or Ben Heine
6. Concert tickets to see the fabulous Femi Kuti
7. The Wire Complete Seasons Box Set (released last week)
8. Solar-powered wireless relay station to help you get out of the city but stay connected
9. From the NFB: The Norman McLaren Box Set and/or Roadsworth: Crossing the Line
10. Rebecca Swan’s Assume Nothing (photography)

Bonus round: An Anti-Hummer Tshirt or you could just go with What Would Jesus Buy?

There’s more, but I didn’t want to get carried away. But we’d love to hear from you – throw some suggestions in the comments for this post. Happy happy from Art Threat!

Image: Daily Mail.

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