Water documentary goes for the remix

0 Posted by - November 6, 2008 - Blog, Screen

Liz Miller’s exceptional documentary about water privatization and the struggle of Highland Park residents to maintain control over their public resource is entering the remix phase of the film’s journey. Miller’s film is an example of political documentary that is interested in doing more than just being seen by audiences: it’s been made part of campaigns, re-cut for classrooms, and now is part of a remix project.

The film—which has won numerous awards—has just finished a water campaign tour of the Great Lakes and Miller has released the new DVD which includes a 6 minute, 20 minute and one hour version of the film, depending on how you’d like to use or experience this important story of community action and water. The DVD is also packed with all kinds of extras including resources for teachers and students.

The newest incarnation for the film is a remix contest where the film’s title track, “Mr Waterman” by Joe L. Carter, is being offered up for remix. There’s cash to be won for the best remix of the song, and a class in Milwaulkee has alread talked about turning at least one remix into a music video about water politics. Talk about a film that challenges the old model of theatrical release-to-videostore.

To check up on the documentary, order a copy, or watch the trailer, visit the film’s site.

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