Obama’s big head appears on Spanish beach

0 Posted by - November 4, 2008 - Blog, Public art, Visual art

Republicans claim Obama has a big head, but one Cuban-American artist made it happen. Battling days of rain, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada and a team of fifty lackeys sculpted Barack’s bust in the sand of a beach in Barcelona, Spain.

Finished just in time for the election, the portrait is 128 metres long by 73 metres wide, used about 450 tonnes of sand, gravel and pebbles, and cost more then $13,000. Rodriguez Gerada believes it is large enough to be included on Google Earth, a possibility that must cause Bill O’Reilly’s stomach to churn.

Despite the grandiose statement, the artist didn’t intend on endorsing Obama.

“The piece is not really based on giving support to Barack Obama,” he said. “It is more about questioning Obama-mania.”

Still, Rodriguez Gerada said he chose the large format as an allusion to the global importance of the American vote, and to represent the hope Obama has inspired in his supporters.

“For people around the world, the symbolic power of an Obama presidency would be without precedent in modern history,” he said on his website. [CBC]

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