International artists rally on behalf of graphic novelist for GG award

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Skim book cover

Skim book cover

The Governor General’s award shortlist this year includes Skim, a graphic novel by writer Mariko Tamaki and graphic artist Jillian Tamaki.  Inexplicably, only Mariko Tamaki has been nominated.

Chester Brown and Seth – two of Canada’s most prominent graphic novelists – are leading an international coalition of artists to demand that Jillian Tamaki be included in the nomination.  Supporters of the cause include Art Spiegelman and  Lynda Barry, among others.

In an open letter to the Canada Council (sponsors of the GG award), they wrote “Try to imagine evaluating Skim if you couldn’t see the drawings…We want both of the enormously talented creators of this book to be honoured together for their achievement. ”

Send an email to the Canada Council and tell them what you think.  The award winners are scheduled to be named on November 18.

Check out artist Jillian Tamaki’s blog for information about Skim.

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