Good Votes: Assessing the Obama and McCain Donors

0 Posted by - October 25, 2008 - Blog, Visual art

Obama and McCain — Corporate Donations

I just got my first copy of GOOD Magazine in the mail this morning and as their special “vote” issue, they’ve got a bunch of tasty morsels to feast upon. Among them is this great graphic (above) of what Obama and McCain would look like if the election was like NASCAR – that is, if they had to proudly (or shamelessly) display their corporate sponsorship and affiliations as a maze of logos on their bodies. The idea brings to thought concepts like the “body politic” and how money and influence makes imprints on those at the receiving end, in this case in a real tangible and visible (but fictitious) way.

If you go to the GOOD web page you can see a bigger image of the graphic, along with the key that explains where their campaign money comes from. The only logos missing are the pretty much trademarked “hope” and “change” logos for Obama, and the nuclear and kentucky fried chicken logos for McCain.

Since we’re talking about art and elections, investigative journalist Greg Palast and Bobby Kennedy have recently released a free comic book that illustrates how US residents can “steal back your vote.” Check it out here.

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