Big City Mayors Bash Bill C-10

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Opposition keeps growing to the Conservative government’s Bill C-10. The controversial bill would allow the Minister of Heritage to rescind tax-credits from television programs and films after production should they deem it ‘contrary to public policy.’

Today the mayors of Montreal and Toronto made the nickel and dime argument against C-10 to the Senate banking committee:

“This industry is of incredible importance,” said [Toronto Mayor David] Miller after telling the senators that it employs 35,000 people in his city — more than the manufacturing sector. Its artistic and financial success depends on its “continued ability to work in a field where the boundaries are well defined and political interference or censorship will not be tolerated.”

Mayor Gerald Tremblay of Montreal told the committee that the film industry has been active in his city for 60 years and that the industry is worth $1.3-billion to his province.

“Having read the bill, we feel obliged to state that the measures relating to tax incentives introduce an element of uncertainty which would have a negative financial impact on the production of Canadian and Quebec film because the minister might be able to call for the repaying of tax credits after the film has been completed,” said [Montreal] Mayor [Gerald] Tremblay.

The mayors also presented letters of support from Sam Sullivan, mayor of Vancouver (which takes in the most money from TV & film production in North America after New York and Los Angeles), and Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly, who argued that hits like Trailer Park Boys may never have received the financial backing necessary if Bill C-10 had been in place.

The saga continues as it is now up to the Senate to vote on the bill. Part of an income tax bill, the government has said the vote on the bill is considered a confidence motion. While many senators have voiced opposition, it isn’t clear whether they are willing to force an election over the issue.

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