The Harper Hokey-Pokey

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In the wake of the recent Conservative election spending scandal that has erupted in Canada, author and activist David Bernans sent in a nifty new tune he wrote to commemorate the issue. Enjoy!

The Harper Hokey-Pokey
aka the “in-and-out shuffle”

Tory Verse

You put a million bucks in
You take a million bucks out
You buy some national ads and you spin them all about
You do the hokey-pokey, but don't get caught
That's how an election is bought!

Elections Canada Verse

You see the money go in
You see the money come out
You see a million overspent and think “what's this all about?”
You can't get the docs, so you call the cops
That's how the Tories get caught!

Liberal Verse

You see the Mounties go in
You see the Mounties come out
It looks like a scandal, so its time to scream and shout
You do the hokey-pokey and you shout “shame, shame!”
That's how you play the game!

Voters' Verse

You vote the Liberals in
You vote the Liberals out
You vote the Conservatives in to clean the adscam out
You do the hokey-pokey, watch a new scandal on TV
In our capitalist democracy!

David Bernans is the author of North of 9/11 (Cumulus Press, 2006).

Photo by thivierr.

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