Pro-peace Israeli radio station RAM-FM gets shut down for disturbing airwaves

0 Posted by - April 9, 2008 - Blog

Democracy Now! reported yesterday morning that Israeli police and special forces stormed the tiny Jerusalem RAM-FM radio station on Monday and shut down the pro-peace media outlet because it was apparently “interfering with the airwaves” and “operating without a permit.”

Pro-peace activists point out it was one of the few FM stations that took as a mandate the bringing together of Palestinians and Israeli citizens.

From Ynet News:

RAM-FM is owned by Jewish businessman Issy Kirsh in South Africa and has been on the air for a year. Modeled after a South African station that provided a venue for reconciliation after apartheid, RAM-FM says it wants to create a safe place for Israelis and Palestinians to talk.

The station attracts a diverse audience of tens of thousands, from Israeli soldiers and Palestinian students to West Bank villagers, English speaking immigrants, migrant workers and foreign diplomats. It is one of the numerous pirate radio stations broadcasting throughout Israel, which are often blamed for dangerous disruptions in airport air traffic communications and interference in regular radio broadcasts.

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