Canadian Heritage Minister hates censorship bill C-10, says Senator

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Heritage Minister Josée Verner hates bill C-10, according to a comment made by Conservative Senator David Angus.

A member of the Senate committee on banking, trade and commerce, Angus was listening to arguments against the proposed film censorship law from Canadian film producers when he committed a classic political faux pas—he said something incriminating while his microphone was still on.

“The minister agrees. She told me she hates the law,” said Angus to a colleague, as his voice was still being streamed live on the internet. “What we want is a sort of moratorium…”

As an experienced politician, Angus took the high road when asked about his comments. Standing strong in the face of incriminating evidence, he denied everything.

“I did not quote the minister because I did not even talk to the minister,” he told CBC News. “I haven't heard myself say [the comment] and I'm certainly not acknowledging that I said it.”

What was he thinking? That as an unelected Senator appointed for life he is totally unaccountable to the public and therefore doesn't care about flagrant displays of hypocrisy? Yeah, that's probably it.

Image: Heritage Minister Josée Verner upon her arrival to Camp Nathan Smith on April 13, 2007. (Photo by Cpl Dan Pop.)

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