Censorship bill threatens to pull crucial funding from "offensive" Canadian film and tv

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For our readers working in the industry this is probably by now old news, but for the rest of us, we may be surprised at just how much mileage Young People Fucking is getting as a catalyst for culture-clampdown.

The Canadian feature that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival is repeatedly cited by right wing reactionaries such as Charles McVety and his group Canada Family Action Coalition as the arbiter of all that is unholy in the Canadian culturescape.

McVety and his gang are disgusted that their taxes go into funding productions like YPF, a soft-core romantic comedy about, you guessed it, horses skydiving. Lucky for McVety and the Victorian moral police, they have a fearless leader who has responded with action.

Stephen Harper and his gang of moralizing crusaders, the Conservative party, have a bill before the Canadian Senate called C-10 that would give Heritage Canada power to deny tax credits to film and TV works they decided were too offensive, essentially putting the production lights out.

Read the CBC article on the latest chapter in cultural mismanagement north of the 49th here.

Drop the Canadian Minister of Heritage, Josee Verner, a word or three and let her know how you (fucking) feel here.

And to read up on Young People Fucking, the film that has even had part of it’s title censored by papers like the Toronto Star, check out this article at New York Entertainment. I have to agree with them when they say that doing an image search for this film is especially challenging (but I managed to find the same one as them – see above).

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