Kill Bill (C-10) campaign gathers steam; Right-wing Christians mobilizing support for government censorship

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Image by Eric Drooker

The Kill Bill (C-10) firestorm is getting hotter. Canada's television industry has entered the fight telling the government to keep its hands off of Canadian film and television production.

The Directors Guild of Canada and ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) are both urging the government to stop Bill C-10, an amendment to the Income Tax Act that would allow the Minister of Heritage to claw back tax credits from any production deemed “contrary to public policy”.

A Facebook page has also been created “Keep Your Censoring Hands Off Of Canadian Film and TV! No to Bill C-10!” to provide information and make it easier for Canadians to contact elected representatives.

At the centre of the storm is a relatively new lobby group on Parliament Hill, the Canada Family Action Coalition, a small group of Christians who, according to their website, have a “vision to see Judeo-Christian moral principles restored in Canada”.

The CFAC is an anti-abortion, homophobic mess. For example, check out their “21 Reasons Why Gender Matters”, or the soft-peddling of hate in “Homophobia – a word that homosexuals and judges do not understand” . Wander around the website – it's a freak show, and these people apparently have the ear of the Prime Minister.

Charles McVety, president of CFAV, has said publicly that his discussions with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, and “numerous” other officials in the Prime Minister’s Office lead to the changes being made to Bill C-10 that could, in effect, create Canada's own Ministry of Truth. McVety is known to Canadian publishers for his crusade against Annick Press's The Little Black Book for Girlz: A Guide to Healthy Sexuality ( read more about this dispute).

Canadians need to let their elected officials know that the CFAC do not represent Canadian values and that the views and actions of the CFAC promote social hatred.

And, that we do not need a Ministry of Truth in Canada! Kill Bill C-10!

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