Japan names robot cat to post of manga ambassador

0 Posted by - March 19, 2008 - Blog

Japan always finds a way to make me laugh. Just when I thought human tetris was the most hilarious thing to come out of the country in years, the Japanese government had to go and one up their industrious game show producers.

Behold Doraemon, a popular cartoon robot cat Japan has just appointed as global ambassador to animation. He's happy, blue, and loves red bean pancakes—what other qualifications does one need?

From the CBC:

The appointment is part of Japan's recent effort to harness the power of pop culture in diplomacy. Japan created an International Manga Award last year under comic book enthusiast and former foreign minister Taro Aso, who likened it to a “Nobel Prize” for an artist working abroad.

Doraemon will join Astro Boy, the Japanese ambassador for overseas safety, in the quickly expanding costume room of Japan's foreign service.

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