online call for remembering civilians killed In Iraq

0 Posted by - February 4, 2008 - Blog is an idea about ideas. Artist Joseph DeLappe is calling for artists to submit proposals for memorials for Iraqi civilians killed in the invasion. Proposals make up the project's online exhibition where the public is invited to rate and to give comments on submissions.

The website is not itself a memorial, but rather a repository of memorial ideas from around the world. Selecting proposals at random, for example, there are animated memorials created through gaming engines (see Patrick Lichty, United States), burial mounds on a beach (Paul Dixon, UK), a stock exchange that tracks the cost of an Iraqi life depending on the number of civilians killed and US military spending (Al Fadhil, Germany), among others.

The goal is to establish a living memorial and stimulate understanding about the consequences of war.

The project also has a blog.

The submission deadline for your work to be included in the “First Juror's Review” is March 19, 2008.

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