Willie and Joe anthology illustrates soldiers' view of WWII

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Willie and Joe

Fantagraphics is releasing Willie & Joe: the WWII years, an anthology of Bill Mauldin's cartoon infantrymen who became synonymous with the American GI. This collection of 600+ cartoons is both a record of this Pulitzer prize-winning artist and a first hand chronicle of the war from the soldiers' perspective.

From the Fantagraphics site:

Bill Mauldin knew war because he was in it. He had created his characters, Willie and Joe, at age 18, before Pearl Harbor, while training with the 45th Infantry Division and cartooning part-time for the camp newspaper. His brilliant send-ups of officers were pure infantry, and the men loved it…

With their heavy brush lines, detailed battlescapes, and pidgin of army slang and slum dialect, Mauldin's cartoons and captions recreated on paper the fully realized world of the American combat soldier. Their dark, often insubordinate humor sparked controversy among army brass and incensed General George S. Patton, Jr.

Also recently released from Fantagraphics: a stunning special edition of Joe Sacco's Palestine, with an introduction by the dearly missed Edward Said.

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