Sorrow of the Soldier rap video ruffles right wing feathers

0 Posted by - January 16, 2008 - Blog, Sound

Sorrow of the Soldier

There’s nothing like an anti-war cartoon to get American neocons all in a ruffle. “Sorrow of the Soldier”, a beautifully animated music video launched earlier this week, is pushing the buttons of right-wing yanks who continue to support the occupation of Iraq.

The video features US Rapper Mark Prysler who tells the story of Lucas, a blue collar guy who runs out of options and turns to the army for escape. He’s shipped of to Iraq where he learns that the war isn’t anything like the fantasy sold to him by Bush and friends.

Released simultaneously in five different versions featuring remixes by five different artists, this video has more options than George W has supporters in the Republican primaries. Available in plain, mint, banana, cheese, and peanut butter flavours, everyone is sure to find a version that jives with their musical preferences.

Oh right—everyone except those right-wing nut jobs who are polluting blogs with insightful comments like this: “If this kid knew anything about the ‘hood or about Iraq, he’d know that it’s much safer living in Iraq.”

Safer in the hood then Baghdad, eh? Is a response even necessary? Nah, didn’t think so. Here’s the plain vanilla version of the video. Enjoy.

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