Justin Renteria and gang violence in Los Angeles

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Justin Renteria

This image was sent to our PO box from the artist and contained the following text:

For the last several years, residents of the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of Los Angeles have been terrorized by members of the 204th Street gang. The predominantly Hispanic 204s have been targeting African Americans, children in particular. As a Hispanic, I am sickened. As a human being, I am outraged. I abhor all gang violence, but this kind of hate fueled murder and intimidation is beyond unacceptable. I hoped that to call attention to the situation with this piece, and to say that I, along with the vast majority of Hispanics, condemn this kind of behavior. My deepest sympathies go out to the victims of the 204s, and their families.

You can see more of Renteria's work, which has appeared in the Progressive and Adbusters, at his website.

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