International Sticker Awards praise politics in public spaces

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Sticker subverts Nike ad

The Grassi Museum in Leipzig is hosting the International Sticker Awards through February 17. This exhibition shows some of the latest political, ironic, abstract, and artistic social commentaries directly stuck on parts of the urban environment.

According to Matthias Mueller, Matthias Marx and Andreas Ullrich, three young artists who supervised the show, “Stickers transform the road into a democratic adventure playground.” They are a cheap and simple medium with which one can interact, react, interfere, resignify, and contribute to public space. Due to stickers' ephemeral nature, The Sticker Awards were created as an annual competition to promote and document the development of this art form. For more info, visit the Grassi Museums website (German only), or check out for photos and insight to other political art happenings in Germany and beyond.

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