Greener Gadgets design competition

0 Posted by - January 6, 2008 - Blog, Design

I’m sure many of you have been lusting over the gadgets you got—or didn’t get—over the holidays. But did you know that the latest object of your technolust will likely leech toxic chemicals once you’ve parted ways? Or that fresh water streams may have been poisoned during the production of its parts?

The Greener Gadgets Conference will convene in New York City on February 1 to discuss the greening of technology. They have launched a design competition challenging established designers and students alike to “come up with new and innovative solutions to address the issues of energy, carbon footprint, health and toxicity, new materials, product lifecycle, and social development.”

The entry deadline is January 27, and finalists will be showcased at the conference. Submission guidelines can be found at the website of their partner Core77.

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