Class war and ethnic conflict: the lessons of Saturday Night Fever

0 Posted by - December 11, 2007 - Blog

It has been decades since John Travolta first blessed our cinema screens with his tight, white, polyester pants. Washington Post, Bruce J. Schulman discusses how little has changed since the days when Travolta's Tony Manero worked a dead-end job and daydreamed of dancing. It seems we still have much to learn from the dark days of disco.

“Lapels aside, the film seems strangely prescient—a road map to the income inequality, the ethnic and racial politics, and the lure of celebrity that we see today. Culturally speaking, the '70s are back. As we grapple with soaring gasoline prices, tune in to “Dancing With the Stars” and work through a new kind of national malaise, we would do well to heed the cautionary lessons of the young man in polyester.”

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