Anarchist action figure is spot on Target for Christmas

0 Posted by - December 25, 2007 - Blog, Performance, Visual art

Did you awake to find an anarchist hiding under your Christmas tree this morning? If so you might not be alone, as artist Packard Jennings shopdropped a batch of Anarchist action figures at Target and Wal-Mart stores across San Francisco, waiting for unsuspecting consumers to pick them up this holiday season.

“When better than Christmas to make a point about hyper-consumerism?” Jennings asked the New York Times in a recent interview. A stereotype to the max, his plastic black block buddy sports a gas mask, bolt cutters, a gerry can of petrol and two Molotov cocktails. And did I mention he looks very, very angry?

You can watch the confusion as cashiers attempt to ring in the toy, as Jennings sticks around and videotapes the interaction. Actual quote from store manager: “It actually looks like something that some anti G6 [sic] summit activist would just put on our shelf.”

Check out more photos and video at Packard Jennings' website.

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