Wal-Mart the Musical: Coming to a Town Near You?

0 Posted by - November 27, 2007 - Blog, Performance

Walmartopia, the Off-Broadway musical that targets the happy yellow face, has been playing in NYC since the end of September. As the good reviews keep coming in on this political comedy for the stage, I wonder, will it take off? This is a challenge to any theatre directors out there – bring the Big Box farce off Off-Broadway, way off, to other cities and towns. This topic is way more universal than Miss Saigon, so lets see some franchising!

Jeremy Thal of the Indypendent had this to say:

The campy absurdity of the musical only works because our present reality is so bleak. The lyrics of many of these songs could be used by the Bush attachés to promote their next surge in Iraq or an invasion of Iran. Musical theater is disarming and audience friendly, but the message in Walmartopia rings through as serious and urgent. Rohn’s songs have a home-grown sound, true to Walmartopia roots in community theater. Expertly arranged by August Eriksmoen and sung by a skilled cast, the songs are at once exuberant and thought-provoking and overcome their camp. The finale is an almost Brechtian invocation to the audience to get out of their seats and do something, and while doing it, to keep singing.

Even sounds more entertaining than watching a Wal-Mart burn

(Speaking of sounds, you can buy a copy of the Walmartopia soundtrack here.)

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