Homosexual Baby Ad Triggers Reaction in Italy

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Gay baby Ad Causes Uproar

Gay baby Ad Causes Uproar

An ad designed by Canadian agency Émergence and originally used in Quebec is causing an uproar in Italy. The ad (pictured at right) shows a baby with a hospital bracelet reading “homosexual.” The regional government in Tuscany has recently put the ad up on billboards in a region-wide campaign to end homophobia.

The ad has sparked criticism from the conservative community and the LGBT community, with some arguing that it may communicate that homosexuality is a disease. One thing is certain – Émergence has stirred public interest, and it’s not the first time.

From le Fondation Émergence (translated from the french):

The next question will be asked: is homosexuality innate or acquired? So far, science has been unable to answer this question in the affirmative or consensual. However, there is consensus on one fact: one does not choose their sexual orientation, which has inspired the theme of the campaign.

Read an article on this ad at gay.com.

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