All Your Heroes Will Wear Your Shitty Shoes: Rolling Stone Turns 40

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Rolling Stone Magazine has determined the future, and it is bleak my friends. Yes, we may be used to the patriarchal drivel emanating from the pages of a magazine clinging to a post 40-has-been epoch, so much that we should not be surprised when they print a cover that promotes the underpinnings of patriarchy so conspicuously. But the guys who run Rolling Stone Magazine do not give a shit about this critique: they are still, stupidly, myopically, listening to their advertisers. They are, alas, still jerking off to their air guitars while feeling purpose in what they do: the promotion of corporate music culture that truncates the white male over the Others. Rolling Stone, you have grown up, and you have displayed your culture badge to us all: the visionaries of your future, are, wait for it, all MEN and ALL WHITE. Reality check? You bet, with performances like this your days are numbered, and some of us can’t wait until the count is up.

Take one second and examine THE 40th ANNIVERSARY COVER of Rolling Stone Magazine and you will see a promotion of phallancentricity, a sexist proclivity toward a culture of males. There is no other word on the eve of this magazine’s 40th anniversary to describe them: sexist ASSHOLES. Burn your copies, because folks we are in the age of pop culture patriarchy.

Rolling Stone, you make me sick.

Author's note: Some of you out there have sent me pretty nasty emails about this post, and while I appreciate you sticking up for your favourite culture-mag, I'd like to point out that this post is a provocation, I'm not really angry or sick. Unsurprisingly, this sarcastic post has even attracted sexist, self-described “aryans” jumping at the opportunity to defend whitedom. For that reaction and others, check out the comments section. And let's keep our sense of humour, no?

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