Radiohead Offers up New Album as Pay-What-You-Can to Fans

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The band that continues to push boundaries is stirring it up once again. Radiohead is offering their first album in four years as a pay-what-you-can download.

Recently Simon Jenkins reported in the Guardian Weekly that moral panic is spreading at CEO mansions of large record labels as CD sales drop 23 percent. He also wisely points out that cultural shifts have other sides, such as the live concert scene skyrocketing in attendance as of late.

While some musicians and corporate lackeys spend sleepless nights worrying about “protecting” the industry, progressive bands like Radiohead forge ahead and embrace new ways of sharing their art. Their fans will only love them for it and I suspect will even remunerate it appreciatingly.

So, on October 11th, visit, which is the name of the new album, and follow the links to pay. Eventually you will be asked to “pay what you can.” There's even another button for the confused, who are used to getting greased by a hyper-commercial industry run amok that says, “no really, it's up to you.”

Eat your heart out, Dylan, you shameless sell-out.

Editor's note: In Rainbows was released on CD on January 1, 2008 and is unfortunately no longer available as a download through Radiohead.

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