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So they had to change the name from “The Democracy Player” to Miro because democracy is now (in the USA) apparently associated with, get this, radical liberalism. Ahem. Regardless of the name, this nifty application is one smooth player, offering already 2000 video channels for your downloading/viewing pleasure. Miro is an open-source desktop video player that comes with BitTorrent and podcast clients as well. Miro hails from the folks at Participatory Culture Foundation, and with people like Joel Cohen and Cory Doctorow on your Board of Directors it's not too surprising they've come up with the non-proprietory video version of iTunes.

I've only spent a couple of hours with my Democracy Player (damnit, I'm going to try and reclaim the name!), but in just a short time I've discovered some great channels with political content. So after you download the player, search for these dandies, and add the channels to your list and enjoy!

• The Media That Matters Film Festival: All 65 short films from the last seven years of the festival are ready to download in amazingly high quality video. From environmental issues to race and gender, this fest has much to offer. Visit the MTM site for more info.

• Molotov!: Nude protesters, news from Nigeria, Michael Moore, and the best, Simon Robson's brilliant animated follow ups to “What Barry Says” with his short segments produced for the new UK film Taking Liberties. Visit Molotov's site.

• Pepperspray Productions: Alternative focus shows from “IndyMedia Presents” including pieces on Iraq and Somalia.

• Latin Pulse: Episodes examining paramilitary groups in Central America, Public Transporation, Immigration, and Free Trade, all from a Latina perspective. (not exactly progressive, but important news from the margins…

There are much, much, more channels to choose from, but this spattering is just the beginning of what I have begun to discover with The Democracy Player. Download it now.

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