Open-source Bandwidth Speed-Tracker: The Truth of Connectivity Finally Revealed

0 Posted by - July 19, 2007 - Blog

The always clever Jonah Brucker-Cohen at coin-operated has create an open-source application for monitoring your own bandwidth. “Mr. T1” (the software is named after – you guessed it – the character from that grandest of grande fromage television shows from the 80s, The A-Team) constantly measures the exact speed of the connection by continually downloading a file from a remote server and calculating the average speed of data returning to a client. Depending on what your bandwidth is, you get a different quote from the man himself: “ISDN Fool!” or “Dial-up sucka!”.

Says Brucker-Cohen: “The “Mr. T1” project was created in response to my experience of working in many different lab environments where bandwidth speed has always been an issue concerning researchers and artists using shared Internet resources. The project examines this use and provides a constant sense of “background awareness” as to how fast the current connection is and if this standard is being met.” Bruckner-Cohen says he also likes the playfulness of connecting fictional characters from mainstream entertainment with the naming conventions of modern communication systems such as the Internet.

Seems like a good thing to keep track of — why, just this morning I’ve discovered that my “high-speed” internet account runs at a perfectly consistent “Dial-up sucka!” 68kbps. Hmmm…Perhaps the A-Team could drop in on my service provider and sort this out…

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