Postcard Campaign to Pre-emptively Strike Against a Republican Invasion of Iran

0 Posted by - June 8, 2007 - Blog

The ‘Is Iran Next’ campaign wants Americans to creatively take a stand against any plans to invade Iran. They have assembled a large who’s who list of Ameican hawks — “a special list of behind-the-scenes heavyweights…war lobbyists, neocon analysts, powermongers and war profiteers close to Bush”. Their strategy? They are encouraging people to pick a hawk from the list and get in touch, to call them or write the campaign slogan “Iran. Thank Again!” on something – postcards, fax, email – and send it along. So far (they are tracking this), they have helped send close to 3,000 postcards and over 1,100 emails. Clearly, they are just getting started.

They also have a charming “Time Remaining for Bush” countdown clock. Watch the seconds tick away towards a much needed (for world peace) regime change in the United States and the Bush administration’s final days of empire.

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