Michael Moore Rambles on YouTube, Thousands Sign Up

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A bumbling, stammering Michael Moore is in a new YouTube video (below) asking for Americans to post their American healthcare horror stories on his new YouTube Sicko Group.

Moore's new film about the failure of the public healthcare system in the US hits theatres June 29th, and as usual reviews have been mixed since it was shown at Cannes earlier this summer.

Take this skewering from Plume-Noire.com:

This demonstration of incomplete information counts on the audience's ignorance. Moore uses other means to convince: reasoning by absurdity. Thus we learn that the only place in the United States where high tech medical care is delivered free is at the prison in Guantanamo. Manipulating the witnesses he meets throughout his ersatz of a documentary, here our troublemaker charters three boats to take his new friends who have been forsaken by insurance companies on board towards the military base, to which they will naturally not have access. So as usual, Moore takes his public hostage, aiming at emotion, lightness and humor. An overused, dangerous method, but where one wonders about honesty.

Whether you want to wade into the tired debate about documentary as truth or propaganda or not, Moore once again has people talking, but will they be talking about him, or the issues he's trying to raise?

Visit the Michael Moore site for more info on Sicko.

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