DIY Bicycle Trailers

0 Posted by - June 6, 2007 - Blog, Design

Bicycle trailers are the cyclist’s pick-up truck — not because they guzzle gas, but because they can help schlep large amounts of stuff back and forth across cityscapes. Bike trailers are indispensable for hauling groceries, plants, recycled appliances, framed canvasses, record collections, turntables, laser graffiti devices, pirate radio transmitters, large numbers of pamphlets, amplifiers, small animals and other large and awkward things. They are also essential anti-global warming tools.

The problem is, bicycle trailers are expensive. Enter the clever folks over at Make Magazine. They have come up with a variety of plans for DIY bike trailers – some made of inexpensive bamboo, some with plastic tubs, all extremely resourceful and cheap to make. Check out the plans and build yourself a bicycle trailer!

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