Meme-ing the Masses With Radical Graphics: Online Stencil Database

0 Posted by - May 21, 2007 - Blog, Public art, Visual art
Stencil by rioter

Stencil by rioter

The folks at Revolutionary Left have created an impressive database of high-res political stencils, all free for the downloading. Make your own radical t-shirts. Share memes with the masses. Decorate your apartment. Whip up some curtains.

And, if you join the website, you can add your own stencils to the collection. Worth checking out, if you’re into stencils.

[ Ed. Note: Looks like Revolutionary Left has taken this archive down – too bad, it was pretty amazing.  If anyone knows where there is another stencil download archive, let us know.  Nov. 5, 2008]

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