How To Replace Online Ads with Artwork

0 Posted by - May 1, 2007 - Blog

Of the hundreds of extensions available for the open source browser Firefox, ad filters, software that replaces online advertising with blank space, are among the most popular. Seeing room for improvement Steve Lambert and Evan Harper of Eyebeam OpenLab have taken the hacktivist staple one step further. Their AddArt extension blocks unwanted ads and then fills the liberated space with artwork.

Although the software is only due to be completed this summer, you can get a glimpse of the work-in-progress at their website. Unfortunately, the sample artwork they selected—a cliched illustration of a bald eagle, wings outstretched, flying past a rippling American flag—is arguably more offensive to the majority of the world than the ads it replaces. (That the sample page features a FOX News piece about a 9/11 “terror confession” might hint at an attempt at creative irony, but I doubt it.)

According to the site, however, the final project will incorporate “shows” that will feature several artists over a given period of time. “The project will be supported by a small website providing information on the current artists and curator, along with a schedule of past and upcoming AddArt shows. Each two weeks will include 5-8 artists selected by emerging and established curators.”

If you're a programmer with some time to kill—or an artist with an aversion to eagles—Eyebeam Openlab could use your services.

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